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Read how my clients react to Energy Healing

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Ally (Alma Munoz) from El Paso, Texas, USA

Support with Insomnia 

I just completed my session with Alice:

 It was very interesting and knowledgeable experience. My allergies cleared up a bit, released tension in my body and I feel very relaxed. The bottom line? I need to work on sleeping more. Apparently, it is affecting my body in ways I didn't even realize (balance, hormones, learning, memory, mental anxiety. (If you only knew how many nights I wake up in the middle of the night! lol) Time to buy a new mattress! Also, I need to buy my collagen/biotin supplements. I ran out 3 weeks ago and it showed up on the reading that my body is lacking by 61%.

Each reading was different for me. I saw different colors of light (yellow, green, white orange and red at the end), felt waves of energy coming at me in different directions and I went from being very warm to feeling cold at the end.

Thank you Alice for your kindness in giving me your time and energy.

I am so grateful to you. Many blessings to you!

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Laney (Grady) from Kansas, USA

Pain relief

I wanted to give a special thanks to Alice for the Healy scan! My left arm has been in pain for a few months so I had to go to therapy for 8 weeks. I’ve only been for to Alice for two weeks but I no longer have to go  to therapy for the pain due to her Healy scan!!!

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Caroline (Thomas), Chelmsford, UK


Just had an AMAZING healing session with Alice and her Healy device. I was so knocked out after, that I had to go and lie down for over an hour. Loads of releasing and I could feel the energy all through my body. I now feel totally revived now and ready to go. It truly was a wonderful experience, and has made me think more about energy and how it works 10/10

Caroline (Thomas), Chelmsford, UK

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Marcella ( Frater )

Ohio, USA

I feel Amazing

My Healy session was marvelous! I feel so much lighter. I haven’t felt this amazing in so long. Thank you so much, Alice , for this opportunity. I am so grateful I was able to meet you in real time. 

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